Best Cordless Circular Saws

A good cordless circular saw is not only a critical power tool in any workshop but also at homes. 
Cordless circular saws are great for the mobility they offer. With a cordless circular saw you can accept jobs anywhere; however, any cordless circular saw will not do, so you should find a great one. 

In this article, we have managed to compile a number of the best circular saws on the market. 

Our Top Picks

DeWalt DCS391B Makita XSS02Z Makita SH02R1  Black &Decker BDCCS20C PORTER-CABLE PCC660B Ryobi P506 WORX WX429L WORXSAW
Weight 7.1 pounds 7 pounds 3.5 pounds 7.55 pounds 6.5 pounds 2.2 pounds 4.4 pounds
Speed 5.250 RPM 3.700 RPM 1.500 RPM 3.700 RPM 4.000 RPM 4.700 RPM 3.500 RPM
Voltage 20 volts 18volts 12 volts 20 volts 20 volts 18 volts 120 volts

The Best 7 Cordless Circular Saws in 2020

1.DeWalt DCS391B – Best Overall 

DeWalt DCS391B
DeWalt DCS391B

This lightweight circular saw comes with a powerful motor of 20 volts that can deliver up to 5.150 RPM. Its lightweight and strength make it very suitable for making precise cuts with ease. 

It also comes with a 6.5-Inch carbide-tipped blade for cutting two times material at 90° and 45° and more cuts per charge. 

DeWalt DCS391B allows for aggressive bevel cuts for various applications thanks to its 0-50 degree bevel capacity.

Moreover, if you have had enough of having sore hands during working, DeWalt DCS391B offers optimized rubber overmolded comfort grip, so that you can enjoy comfort and balance.

Its downside is that it does not come with a battery, so you will have to pay a bit more for separately buying a battery.           


  • Lightweight 
  • Powerful 
  • Rubber comfort grip
  • Makes aggressive bevel cuts 
  • Features a blade break 


  • Battery is separately sold 
  • Expensive 

Bottom Line

A lightweight, yet powerful cordless circular saw that can be used for making precise cuts with next to zero effort. 

Note, though, that you will need to buy a battery for it separately, which can be expensive. 

2.Makita XSS02Z – Relatively Quiet 

Makita XSS02Z
Makita XSS02Z

This lightweight cordless circular saw is suitable for DIYs and professionals alike thanks to its lightweight and robust motor. It is perfect for making smooth and accurate cuts thanks to its heavy gauge base. 

At only 7 pounds, Makita XSS02Z has a 3.700 RPM motor, a 6 ½” blade, and 2 ¼” depth of cut. It can also cut up to a 50-degree bevel, and at a 45-degree angle, it will cut up to twice the amount of material.

All the above features work in a relatively quiet manner for a power saw, so no more disturbed neighbors and colleagues. 

Sadly, you will have to buy the 18-volt battery for this model separately. 


  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable 
  • Relatively quiet 
  • Easy to work with 
  • Cuts through anything 


  • No blade brake 
  • Battery is separately sold

Bottom Line

A suitable cordless circular saw for professionals and amateurs. Its lightweight allows users to easily control it, which is specifically great for beginners. Also, its high -power motor, fast blades, and the heavy gauge will enable you to make accurate cuts with ease. 

3. Makita SH02R1- Built-in Dust Blower and Safety 

Makita SH02R1
Makita SH02R1

The lightweight of Makita SH02R1 and its compact size assure you that if you use this power tool for working on large projects, you will not get as tired as you usually would with other circular saws. 

Moreover, its 12V battery drives the Makita at 1.500 RPM for faster cutting. The blade measures 3-3/8“ with a cutting depth of 1” at 90 degrees and 5/8” at 45-degree angles. Its tilting base for bevel will cut from 0 – 45 degrees. 

What is even greater is that it has a built-in dust blower that makes sure that the cut line is free of debris so that you create accurate cuts. It also has an ergonomic handle so that you are comfortable using it. 

Besides, for your comfort, there is a built-in wrench that facilitates the process of blade changing. As for our safety, Makita offers safety protection in a battery protection circuit, which will protect your saw from overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Safe
  • Creates accurate cuts
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Built-in wrench 
  • Built-in dust blower 
  • Does not make much noise 


  • Battery may not work 

Bottom Line

An overall great circular saw that is lightweight and portable. It is a safe choice for the users thanks to its built-in dut blower and its safety protection in a battery protection circuit that protects it from overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. 

4. Black & Decker BDCCS20C – Tool-Free Depth Adjustment 

Black & Decker BDCCS20C
Black & Decker BDCCS20C

This is a suitable circular saw for DIY projects and for cutting wooden planks, beams, cut plastic pipes, and so on. Its lightweight enables you to make precise cuts because you can easily control it. 

Moreover, its powerful motor can speed up to 3.700 RPM, which is excellent for most DIY projects. 

You can also adjust the cutting depth without tools, which is great because it allows you to make a lot of delicate cuts quickly, and its bevel adjustment will enable you to make 90- and 45-degree cuts.

However, it is not the best power tool to use if you are a professional because the battery will only last for about an hour if you are doing heavy-duty work. 


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Tool-free depth adjustment 


  • Not suitable for professional work 

Bottom Line

This is a great circular saw if you are going to use it for DIY projects or light work. Its powerful motor and fast blade will help you make precise cuts quickly; however, I do not recommend it for heavy-duty work because its battery gets depleted in about an hour. 

6. Porter-Cable PCC660B – Cuts Through Anything 

Porter-Cable PCC660B
Porter-Cable PCC660B

This 6.5 cordless circular saw puts out 4.000 RPM, which allow it to perform aggressive cutting and enable it to cut through almost anything. 

The 6.5-inch carbide tooth blade allows for a 2-1/8 inch cutting capacity and offers a large variety of cutting applications. Moreover, its beveling shoe that can pivot up to 50 degrees can accommodate non-traditional cutting applications. 

Also, one of its most exceptional features is its ergonomic handle that ensures that your hand stays comfortable even if you use it for an extended period. 

Sadly, though, it comes without a battery, so you will have to pay extra money to buy it separately. It is compatible with the 20V Max System. 


  • Lightweight and compact 
  • 4000 RPM 
  • 6.5-inch carbide tooth blade
  • 2-1/8 inch cutting capacity 
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • Low battery life 
  • Battery should be bought separately
  • Can get bogged down

Bottom Line 

A durable circular saw that can cut through anything due to its powerful motor. What is also great is that it can accommodate non-traditional cutting applications. 

5.Ryobi P506 – Lightweight

Ryobi P506
Ryobi P506

This is one of the most lightweight circular saws on the market. However, it can deliver up to 4.700 RPM, which is great for cutting a variety of materials with ease. It can also make beveled cuts up to 50 degrees.

Moreover, it is very comfortable to use due to its rubber handle that allows you to have a solid grip of the circular saw and therefore have great control over it. 

Ironically, though, the laser that is supposed to help you make straight cuts is not really straight. In fact, if you follow the laser line, your cut will be far from straight.

Moreover, Ryobi P506 is only good at dealing with thin material because it usually gets bogged down very quickly when attempting to cut 2x4s.


  • Three-year warranty 
  • Affordable 
  • Makes accurate cuts 
  • Comfortable and easy to hold 


  • Laser is not straight 
  • Not suitable for cutting thick material 

Bottom Line

Get Ryobi P506 if you need to cut thin material only. Its rubber handle makes it easy and comfortable for your hand to hold and control. Moreover, its motor delivers high speed, which is great for making accurate cuts. 

However, do not get it if you do not know how to make accurate cuts without the help of a laser guideline. 

7. WORX WX429L WORXSAW – A Cordless Compact Circular Saw

WORX WX429L WORXSAW is such a compact and lightweight cordless circular saw; however, it can still produce very accurate and precise cuts. Its lightweight and hence ease of maneuverability make it suitable for most DIY tasks. 

Its 4.5-inch blade is so thin, so it causes less tool strain. Moreover, the motor can speed up to 3.500 RPM, which enables it to cut through nominal 2-inch lumber.

Besides, it has an easy-set depth gauge lever and 0-45-degree bevel settings for quick adjustments

One of its great and thoughtful features is its left-sided blade design that gives the user excellent cut-line visibility. It is also comfortable to hold and balance thanks to its comfortable grip with an integrated safety trigger.


  • Lightweight 
  • Can easily cut wood, metal, tile, and plastic
  • Excellent cut-line visibility 
  • Comfortable to hold 
  • Equipped with safety features 
  • Affordable   
  • Three-year warranty          


  • May lack power compared to bigger saws
  • Impossible to cut in a straight line 
  • Safety switch is difficult to release

Bottom Line

This is a lightweight circular saw that has a fast-spinning blade. It is suitable for DIY tasks and for cutting various materials. However, it does not make straight cuts, and its safety features are not great. 

How To Buy a Circular Saw?

There are a few things that you should consider before buying a circular saw; among which are the following:

Direct Drive vs. Worm Drive

A direct-drive saw means that the motor is placed on the side of the saw. As the saw motor rotates, a drive shaft from the motor directly spins the saw blade. This is a suitable model for consumer cutting instances. 

A worm-drive saw has more advanced engineering; it adds gearing between the motor drive shaft and the saw blade. This allows the motor to be placed at the back of the saw, giving the user more balance and a better view of the cutting line. This is a perfect circular saw for professionals because it produces more precise cuts than a direct drive circular saw does. It is obviously more expensive, as well. 


There are corded and cordless circular saws. Choosing one over the other depends on the reason for which you are going to use the circular saw. For example, if you are going to use it for over-the-head jobs, it will be better to get a cordless one, so that you can manage it easily. 

However, if you mainly do normal tasks, a corded one will be suitable too. 

It also depends on whether you are going to be moving from one place to another or not because if you are, then buying a cordless one should definitely be your choice. 

Having a corded saw reduces your mobility as it limits your work to the locations that have electric outlets only. 


You must know the purpose of buying a circular saw way before you actually buy one because your purpose will determine the kind of circular saw you get. 

For example, if you know that you are going to make a lot of bevel cuts, buy one that offers high functionality in this area. Indeed, all circular saws have bevel function, but certain ones provide greater freedom and control over the bevel cuts. 

On the other hand, if you are never going to make bevel cuts, then buy one that has no bevel control and save the money for something else. 


The higher the power, the faster the blade spins. I highly recommend getting a fast blade because it will help you finish more work in less time. It is also essential for making precise cuts with no rough edges. 

Note that you should never get a circular saw with lower than a 4.600 RPM because it will kick back and get caught on the material you are cutting. 

In case you do not know, the power of a corded circular saw is expressed in amperage, while that of a cordless saw is expressed in voltage.


If you do not want to keep spending money on blades (and of course, no one wants that,) get a carbide-tipped all-purpose wood-cutting blade because it is durable, and you won’t need to replace it every now and then. 

The price of a stainless steel blade is appealing; however, it is not as durable. You should get it only if you know that the blade will get knocked around a lot because a stainless steel blade will usually bend rather than break. 

Circular saws are categorized by the diameter of their blade. The common blade size of DIYs is 7 and 1 /4 inches, which lets you cut through material that are more than three inches thick. Moreover, they offer a variety of blades choices for cutting material other than wood.

For lighter-duty and heavier-duty, use 6 1/2-inch and 8 1/4-inch saws; for cutting panels, other thin material, or dimensional lumber, get 4 1/4 or 4 1/2 inches blades. 

Built-in LED Bulbs and Laser Cutting Guide Line

Getting a circular saw with Led bulbs will help you work in dark places. You may need to work in a dark place for any reason, and under any circumstances, so you better be prepared. 

Also, it is great to have a circular saw with a laser cutting guideline, especially if you are still a beginner. It will make it easier for you to see where you are cutting and will light up whenever you pull the trigger on the saw, helping you produce precise cuts. It can be attached, though, so if your circular saw does not have one, you can buy one. 


You should hold the circular saw in your hands before buying it to make sure that it is comfortable for you. 

All circular saws indeed look quite alike, but they feel different in your hands.

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How Well Do Cordless Circular Saws Work?

Cordless circular saws work as well as you treat them. A cordless circular saw is just as well as a corded one. Indeed, corded circular saws are more powerful; however, high-quality cordless ones can be just as powerful. 

Moreover, if you make sure that you use your circular saw properly and maintain it regularly, it will live with you for a long time. 

Corded vs. Cordless Circular Saws


Corded circular saws need electricity to work. So, if you are using a corded one and the electricity cuts down, you will have no other choice but to wait for it to come back. This will definitely decrease the amount of work you can finish in a certain period of time, leaving you to go home with a terrible sense of unproductivity. 

Moreover, if someone offers you a job at a location that has no electricity, you will turn the job down and lose the opportunity altogether. 

On the other hand, working with a cordless circular saw only requires a charged battery. A cordless circular saw increases your mobility because you can use it to work anywhere without having to ask if the place has electric power or not. 

Moreover, if the power gets cut, you will keep on working. So this high-quality cordless circular saw is better for professionals. 


Corded circular saws have stronger blades than cordless ones, which is a great plus on the side of corded circular saws because bigger blades give better performance. 

Corded circular saws have blades of about 7.25 inches, while cordless ones have blades of 6.5 inches. 


Corded circular saws are less safe than cordless ones. The more cords on the floor, the more are your chances of tripping over and falling. Who knows what you might hit when you fall on the floor! It could be disastrous. 

Also, the cords may slow down your work progress since you will always need to fiddle around with long power cords. Moreover, the cords may get damaged or accidentally get cut, causing you to pay extra money to get new ones.

However, if you desperately need a corded one due to its other great features, then please make sure the floor is clean and that there are no cords on it. 

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How Long Do Cordless Circular Saws Last?

The lifespan of a circular saw mainly depends on what you are going to use it for, how regularly you maintain it, and for how much time you use it.  

Logically, if you will use it for heavy-duty work daily, the battery will quickly get depleted, unlike using it for light jobs or every once in a while. 

You can think of it as a device that is similar to your mobile phone. 

How Should a Beginner Choose a Cordless Circular Saw?

For a beginner, the most important feature that the circular saw should have is, you guessed it right, safety. Yes, I said that cordless circular saws are safer than corded ones, but still, they are not absolutely safe. 

A cordless circular saw is a dangerous power tool that can cut off your limbs if you misuse it. So, make sure that you know how to use it properly, and make sure that it comes with an electric brake that will stop the blade seconds after the power is released.

Safety Measures 

Before using a power tool, you should make sure that you know the safety measures to follow.

Some of the safety measures you should memorize before using circular saws are:

  • Wearing safety equipment
  • Checking the saw to see if you need to repair any part of it 
  • Learn how to hold it properly
  • Use the right cut depth that suits the thickness of the board you are trying to cut 
  • Use sharp blades and not dull ones
  • Unplug the saw when you are not using it
  • Make sure that there are no obstructions in the material you are cutting
  • Secure the material you are cutting

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have already managed to form a brief idea about the best cordless circular saws. You should highlight the reasons why you need a circular saw and choose accordingly. 

I recommend that you buy DeWalt DCS391B if you need a lightweight, yet powerful cordless circular saw that can make precise aggressive cuts. It is also comfortable to hold in your hands. 

In case you need a quiet and lightweight cordless circular saw that can cut through anything, get Makita XSS02Z, which is also great for beginners. 

Always make sure you know how to use it properly, and please remember the safety measures. 

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